New Jazz Standards, Carl Saunders


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Think of it as The Real Book of Originals, by Carl Saunders.

This is my book of original tunes. Actually, all standards are originals, they are just well-known originals.  We all have “fake books” of standards that we’ve used since I can remember.  I thought that a fake book of originals would be something different for jazz students and professionals, so I went through the songs I have written over the years and compiled this book.  Something different, new and hopefully interesting.

Available in concert key, Bb, Eb, and bass clef.

Horn players will want to buy one for their instrument (Bb, Eb, or bass clef), plus others for the rhythm section.  Schools will also want multiple copies.  For this reason, I’m offering the following discounts if you buy more than one book:

  • Buy one for $65.  Free shipping to the US is included.
  • Buy any two for $60 each, a total of $120, a savings of $10.
  • Buy any three for $55 each, a total of $165, a savings of $20.
  • Buy any four for $50 each, a total of $200, a savings of $60.

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    Carl’s ‘New Jazz Standards’ is a gold mine of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic information. This collection constitutes a manual of varied composition, arranging, and improvisational techniques-reharmonization, sequential development, motivic and thematic variation, fresh form ideas-the list goes on and on. Which is not to say that these tunes are ‘dry’ exercises: there is soaring beauty in abundance at every turn. Carl’s ballads are on a level with Michel LeGrand or Johnny Mandel for sheer beauty, and his jazz tunes are so skillfully written and interesting that they can be used as Etudes for improvisation or composition and arranging technique. I highly recommend this book!

    Dave Hanson
    Instructor of Jazz Arranging
    Lamont School of Music
    University of Denver

  2. (verified owner):


    The mail delivered your NEW JAZZ STANDARDS books a few days ago. Such a body of work, but more than the quantity, the beauty of the changes/progressions has me smiling from start of session til finish! Absolutely beautiful work. Thank you for your effort in producing such a presentation. I’m so looking forward to getting the chance to share with some rhythm sections and watching them smile too!

    Allen Beeson
    Columbia, Mo.

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