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More on teeth . . .

I have lost teeth to pariodontal disease, all but eight. I’m a Trumpet Player (or was) up until 1996. I was doing a few lead gigs, met Carl Fontana in Vegas in 1994 and did a jam w/him …what a player he was/is.

A few years ago 1996 (I believe) a friend of yours came to Tulsa,OK to do a concert ..Bobby Shew. I had met Bobby a few times when I worked at Disney (trpt player). Kind of felt we were more than just acquaintances. We talked briefly about you and my teeth problems.

My problem, is in my head. I quit playing in 1996 because of losing so many teeth and it’s not really over. All I had ever done was play the Trumpet from age 5 until 1996. I’m 50 now. I have this belief that I will never play again. The partials I have now move and cause pain.

What did you do and how did you over come having teeth problems? I desperately need advice and help. I can drive a bus any longer.

I have never had teeth problems but if you check out my little article on the embouchure it might help.

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