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Teeth . . .

I’m a professional trombone player in the San Francisco area & I teach private lessons.

Having spent a few years in LA in the early 70’s & having the good fortune to play with some good studio brass players, I saw a wide variety in facial physiologies.

I’ve read your web page on embouchure & I’ve heartily recommended it as a fundamental guide for fellow professionals & also my advanced students.

I  noticed through the years that many brass players who seems to have “natural” power & high range have perfectly even teeth (or have had them re-sculpted by a knowledgeable orthodontist), and in some cases, they have a slight underbite.

* And, of course, they are focused & practice! *

Question: do you view a slight underbite as a natural advantage?

Could be, but then since the lower jaw would have to be pulled back it might not be comfortable or natural,  I wouldn’t want to say for sure. I think you have to take it on an individual basis.

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