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Benge . . .


I had seen somewhere that you play a Benge. Is that true?

The reason I asked is that my first trumpet teacher and friend for about 40 years gave me his early LA Benge 3X last year. It was a horn that I had often lusted over when I took when I took lessons from him in high school and college. However, times had changed and I had been playing a Yamaha 8335RGS and a Kanstul 1503 and set the Benge aside. However, a few weeks ago I pulled it out of the closet and started playing it. I found that it suited me far better then any of the other horns and it is pretty much the only horn I play now days. There was a reason that Sam always loved that horn. The valves are as slick as glass and the response is so quick. So, if it is true you play a Benge it is easy to see why.


Mike Ackerman
Atlanta, GA

Mike.. Yes it’s true. I have been playing a ML 3X for quite a while now. I can play lead and jazz with it. A couple of different companies have tried to build me a horn but couldn’t seem to match let alone improve on what I have. I bought it used in 1968 from Eldon Benge. It’s the rare benge with the short valve stroke. I’m still open to playing a new horn . Maybe some day my dream horn will show up but until then I’m playing my old Benge.. regards CS

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